Being an Influencer has it’s perks!

Do you have a rabid pack of followers?  

We should talk!


Why would we want to talk with you?

We’ve found that the best way for folks to learn about our toys is to get them out in the world where people can see, touch and talk about our stuff.   And if we’re being honest, we’re not that photogenic and the camera doesn’t “love” us the way it loves *you* 🙂

But, that means it’s an opportunity for us to work with some really awesome folks around the world.  And maybe you are one of them!


So what’s the catch?

The catch:  It’s really not that complicated – we just ask that you use our products in your creative endeavors and let folks know where they can get them if they are interested. 

That’s it.  Nothing more, nothing less. 

You do what you’re great at and we’ll keep making the toys!


Ok! How do we do this?

Woohoo!  Down below you’ll find a link to our application.  Fill it out and we’ll add you to our list of possible partners.  

Once you are on our list, we’ll be in touch when we have the toys ready.  (BTW, it might take a little while as we work through our list.)

I heard you had an affiliate program too…

Almost!  It’s coming soon, but here’s a link:


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