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Lubes for Silicone Toys

Your choice of lubricant can have a direct effect on your toy and how you enjoy it!

Water-based lubes

Water-based lubes are your safest option as they are generally safe to use with all toys. They are perfectly inert with silicone toys and they provide an enjoyable experience. Their only drawback is that they often need re-application or a bit of water to retain their lubricity. Just keep a bit of water handy and you’ll be set!

Clean up is generally a breeze with soap and water.

Water-based lubes are also safe to use with latex condoms, and various rubber materials.

Silicone-based lubes

This category is a bit trickier. Many, if not the majority of, high-quality silicone lubes are perfectly compatible with high-quality silicone toys like ours. However, some silicone-based lubes are more reactive than others.

Always test your silicone lubes with every silicone toy you own. While a certain silicone lube is safe with a certain toy, you can’t assume that all silicone lubes are safe with all silicone toys.

How to test for compatibility:

  • Find a hidden or inconspicuous spot on your toy. (The underside of the base is a good spot.)
  • Apply a bit of silicone lube to your toy and work it in for a bit.
  • If the silicone toy becomes gummy or sticky, stop immediately and rinse with soap and water. You shouldn’t use that particular lube with that particular toy.
  • If there’s no reaction, you should be safe to use that lube with that toy.

Oil-based lubes

Oil-based lubes are another option. Like water-based lubes, these are safe to use with silicone toys. However, you should never use oil-based lubes with latex, rubber, or PVC materials.

This makes oil-based lubes a bad match for latex condoms and such. If you plan to use a latex condom on your toys, either because you are sharing toys with a partner or you want to make clean up easier after anal, you will want to avoid oil-based lubes.

While these generally don’t require re-application like water-based lubes, they can be a bit more difficult to clean up and may react with your other toys.