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Body Safe – Vegan Friendly

Body Safe

We care about what you put in your body! All of the ingredients that we use are considered to be “body-safe” – that means that it’s safe for virtually everyone. From the silicone to the pigments we use, everything has to be as safe as we can make it. (For more info: )

We start with a platinum cured silicone that is designed to be body safe. It is commonly used for prosthetics and it is expected to be in contact with a person’s body for several hours at a time. This makes our silicone the perfect starting point for our toys.

Our pigments are also designed to be body safe and just like our silicone it is designed to be in contact with a person’s body for hours. When we review our pigments we only choose from pigments that are reviewed for safety and must be approved for use in the both the US *and* the EU. We feel this is the most conservative and safest choice for us and you.

Vegan Friendly

Finally, we choose pigments that are vegan friendly. None of our ingredients use animal products nor do they use petroleum products.


Always listen to your body. If you find any sensitivity, irritation, etc – STOP! Take a moment and make sure that everything is OK. Take a look at your lubricant, condoms, and barriers that you are using as well. While our silicone is safe for virtually everyone, every person is unique and every person has unique sensitivities. Listen to your body – it will talk to you.