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Why Silicone?

Hypo-allergenic and body-safe

Silicone does not contain latex, thermoplastics or phthalates. This means that those with latex allergies can use silicone safely.

Silicone is not a thermoplastic. It doesn’t use plasticizers to change its physicals properties. These plasticizers can breakdown over time causing some toys to get sticky or even melt.

Phthalates are a kind of plasticizer used to make “jelly” sex toys. Phthalates are considered to be dangerous with a load of health risks.

Silicone is also extremely inert or “low-energy”. This means that it reacts with almost nothing – including you!


Silicone is non-porous. That means that bacteria and other tiny nasties can’t find a place to live.

Silicone is also resistant to chemicals meaning that it can easily be cleaned with a simple 10% bleach solution.

Silicone is resistant to heat – all the way up over 400F (200C). That means that you can boil your toys without worrying about damaging them – and boiling is great way to sanitize things! You can even toss your silicone toys in the dishwasher – just don’t mix your dinnerware with your toys 🙂


Silicone likes to retain heat which means that it will warm to your body temp quickly and feel much more natural than plastics.

The firmness of silicone can also be adjusted offering a variety options from super-soft to super-firm. Super-soft silicones are quite floppy and about the firmness of an unflexed muscle, while the super-firm silicones are extremely firm and have almost no “give” – kind of like a pink eraser. We’ve chosen a range of firmnesses in the middle – the Goldilocks zone: a softer, a medium and a firmer variation.

We think you’ll find something you like!

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