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New Podcast Episode – “A Collector Has Entered the Chat!” – Dong Somellier

New podcast episode has been released!

Episode 11
“”A Collector Has Entered the Chat!” – Dong Somellier”

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He is best known for a mostly blue collection, totaling over 200 pieces. They have created multiple sculptures from toys that are called dongscapes. They are a certified Sake Sommelier and have tried well over 100 different types of Sake to date. They are a geek at heart, with well over 800 board games and a self proclaimed Renaissance Man. He loves to read, engage in Philosophical discussions, and welcoming in new people into the community.

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Dildo Talk is the ONLY live streamed podcast featuring your favorite indie sex toy makers and collectors. Each week we bring you the folks behind the sex toys you love – the indie toy makers of the world!

If you’d like to join us live, we record each Sunday night at 7p Central Time on YouTube.   We also take LIVE questions from the audience so if you have a question for us our our guests, jump into the conversation!

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