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New Podcast Episode – Xenocat Artifacts has joined the Live Stream!

New podcast episode has been released!

Episode 23
“Xenocat Artifacts has joined the Live Stream!”

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Erebos is a 28 year old artist located between Colorado and Wyoming. Having started the company in 2017, Ere specializes in sci-fi and fantasy designs with a focus on bringing innovative new ideas and fascinating shapes to the fantasy toy market. Are you ready to embrace the Unknown?




Dildo Talk is the ONLY live streamed podcast featuring your favorite indie sex toy makers and collectors. Each week we bring you the folks behind the sex toys you love – the indie toy makers of the world!

If you’d like to join us live, we record each Sunday night at 7p Central Time on YouTube.   We also take LIVE questions from the audience so if you have a question for us our our guests, jump into the conversation!

You can find us at  

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